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Body Language

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Some languages need no interpretation Ellie Peters has a great apartment, a cool job as a UN interpreter, and a terrific dog


But everything she's worked for is threatened the day her obsessive-compulsive, disinfectant-loving mother announces she's divorcing Ellie's father and moving in with her! And to add insult to injury, Ellie's just learned that her ex-fiance, Michael, has become her new boss!Michael Deavers remembers all too well the sparks that flew between him and Ellie

He'd love to rekindle what they once had, but he learned from their brief engagement that he's just not a commitment kind of guy

Now all she needs is the right guy to share it with and life will be perfect

Though with Ellie once again under his nose, it's hard to remember why he ever had cold feet.Now Ellie is desperate to get Michael out of her head, her mother out of her hair and her life out of the gutter but old flames die hard, and this interpreter hasn't counted on the language of love.